My name is Kasim Mohammed, also known as Kasguru, and I am a Dubai based 6 figure self publisher, 7 figure affiliate marketer and serial entrepreneur who owns multiple online and offline businesses.

On top of that I run intensive coaching and training program to help others do the same thing.

But let’s talk about why you’re really here.

You’re probably wondering…

Can this guy help me?

Well here’s the truth.

For many of you, the answer is no.

There’s two main reasons for this.

First of all – I cannot help you get rich quick

I am not in the business of helping people create or promote poor quality products which scam customers out of money.

I’ve learned in my years of online and offline business, that there is no such thing as “easy money”.

So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Second of all – I cannot help you if you are not willing to work

I’ve spent years developing business and marketing systems which help bring in consistent income to my business every single month.

But this took work to build, and takes work to maintain.

And if we do work together, you will have to pull your weight

Still interested?

How can I specifically help you?

So here’s the part where I list my credentials.

I’ve already talked about my online businesses.

However, unlike many of the other so-called “gurus” out there, I have a number of successful offline businesses as well across multiple industries including restaurants and beauty salons.

I am also an active investor in Real estate, Agro-farming, Shipping and Cargo industries and Vehicle Leasing and transportation companies around the globe.

But more importantly, I’ve worked with, and coached people from around the world, from the Philippines to the US to France.

And they are seeing their incomes rise to levels they never thought possible (you can find their testimonials on my homepage)

You see, I am a master at developing systems in my business, which allow me to take a step back and focus on the big picture.

These systems handle the day to day business and marketing tasks, and ensure things get done the right way.

The way which produces consistent monthly profits.

This includes having a team of people who I can trust and rely on to keep my business going.

And if we do work together, these systems, and this team is yours as well.

A team which is fully hand picked and trained by me.

Meaning you get all the advantages of having them, without spending time or money needing to train them yourself.

Here’s what to do next

Go to the link at the bottom of this page and get a copy of my free video training.

If you like it, then you’ll like my coaching services.

If not, then it’s no big deal, you haven’t spent a single penny.

Just fill in your email address below and I’ll send you the training right away.


Kasim Mohammed