A personal letter from Kasim Mohammed

Who wouldn’t want 1 on 1 mentorship from a consistent 6 figure publisher?

Who wouldn’t want to see their income grow to life changing levels?

Who wouldn’t want to fast track their growth and scale their publishing business?

If you are serious, highly motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to move your business to the next level, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s why

Kasim Mohammed too

Kasim Mohammed

My name is Kasim Mohammed, but you probably know me as Kasim KM. And the first thing you should know about me is that I am not a $100,000 a month “super publisher”

Far from it.

I don’t even make $50,000 a month from publishing.

My publishing business makes me between $8,000-$12,000 a month in consistent passive income.

However, I’ve learned in my career in both offline and online business, that being good, or even great at a certain skill - does not mean you are qualified to teach that skill.

I should know, because I took training and mentorship from some of the biggest so-called “gurus” in the Kindle publishing industry.

How much training you ask?

5 publishing courses.

3 separate 1 on 1 mentorship programs.

And yet, despite what these guys did with their own publishing businesses.

They were terrible mentors!

Many of them had good intentions, but they just didn’t understand how to be a good mentor.

However, I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with a handful of great teachers and mentors in my career.

And one of my first mentors taught me something which has stuck with me forever.

That being, the biggest single skill a mentor can have…

is patience!

Not any kind of technical ability, special tactics or insider knowledge.

But patience.

And in all my years in business, I’ve discovered patience isn’t something you can teach.

You’re either born with it, or you’re not.

Fortunately for you…

I was born with the gift of patience.

 And that’s the first thing I can offer you if we work together.

Lauren Minard


My journey with Kasim has just begun however, I already feel that I'm in great hands. I was unsure and worried to invest my money into someone without knowing if they have my best interest. Kasim and I had many conversations and he insured me how he will help me take my business to the next level! He is very generous with his limited time and he answers all on questions quickly. He is a great listener and he truly wants his students to succeed.

​​Lauren Minard - Canada

The second thing I can offer you, is business and marketing systems.

As an entrepreneur, you can get to a certain level all by yourself - but to go beyond that, you need these systems in place to succeed.

Certain people never understand this, and end up spinning their wheels for years on end.

Wondering why their income can’t break past a certain level.

Perhaps you're at this stage in your own business journey.

Working harder and harder...with less to show for it than before.

But those who do implement systems, they’re the ones who see their incomes explode.

And where I have succeeded the most is by putting systems in place which allow me to only spend time on the most important aspects of my business.

After all, do you really expect to make $10K+ each and every month if you have to spend all day on $3/hour tasks like formatting your books or uploading them to KDP?

I don’t think so.

But the problem with systems is…they’re tough to develop.

I should know…

Because I’ve spent over $60,000 developing and refining my own systems!

training VAs image

On your left you'll see me in the Philippines, personally training virtual assistants.

This was one of three trips, which includes renting out conference rooms, buying laptops for my team and opportunity cost of being here rather than focusing on other business opportunities.

Not pictured are all the times I was scammed, ripped off or let down by other virtual assistants I found on Upwork, in Facebook Groups or by referrals.

In fact, $60,000 is probably the lowest estimate for how much it cost me to build this team.

 And, if you decide to be mentored by me…

These guys become your team as well.

Dedicated virtual assistants who work only for you.

They’re already trained.

They’re already motivated.

Each and every one is personally vetted by me.

I’m delivering these systems and staff to you on a plate - and saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in the process.


Rolando Zapata picture


My Self Publishing Journey could not start without the mentorship of Kasim. I was keen to start this kind of business but couldn't find someone who will guide me with value. Things changed after I met this guy, he treated my business as his own. I have taken it to the next level with his proper guidance. Getting a mentor like him is like sitting on cloud nine. Sky is the limit, as long as you have to absorb and apply everything accordingly.

Rolando Zapata - Philippines

So how does this work?

This mentorship package is a 10 week program where I will work with you 1 on 1.

Each week we will cover one central theme of self publishing.

I will then assign you action steps along the way, so you can immediately put into place what you’ve learned.

Week 1: Mindset shift

  • Developing a bulletproof mindset for success
  • How to consistently achieve more results from less work

Note: This is the most vital part of the entire process, because it puts you in the correct mindset for the rest of the training program

Week 2: Assessing Keyword Profitability

  • Outlining your keyword research strategy
  • Help you construct captivating book titles & subtitles
  • Showing the step by step method for finding profitable keywords every single time

Note: I personally inspect your chosen keywords including their viability and profitability

Week 3: Hands-off Book Launch Protocol

  • Delegating tasks to my team of VAs (which you have full access to)
  • check
    Setting up book production on ACX and fully leveraging the power of audiobooks

Week 4: Strategic Performance Analysis + International Market Domination Part 1

  • check
    Assessing initial book performance
  • check
    Spanish language market domination
  • check
    How to leverage Amazon’s most untapped market
  • check
    Save money and time with access to a hand picked team of translators, and narrators

Week 5: International Market Domination Part 2

  • Setting up Spanish books on ACX
  • check
    Integrating your books with Amazon Spanish language algorithm

Week 6: Earning repeat customers Part 1

  • check
    Setting up a series of books
  • check
    Mind-map approach to solving multiple customer problems
  • check
    Get 10+ book ideas for a single niche
  • check
    How to 10X your lifetime customer value

Week 7: Earning repeat customers Part 2

  • How to continue to dominate your niche for years to come
  • How to apply strategies from million dollar publishing companies to your own business

Week 8: Analyzing all books + Book Bundle ROI Plan

  • check
    Comprehensive review of your results so far
  • check
    Re-assessment of your niche and making adjustments going forward
  • check
    Dramatically increasing your ROI with book bundles

Week 9: Transitioning to Phase 2

  • Discover hidden keywords for phase 2 of your publishing business
  • check
    Market domination with additional relevant keywords

Week 10: Outlining business expansion plans

  • check
    Long term publishing strategy
  • check
    How to replicate your strategy across multiple niches
  • check
    Congruent long term revenue growth strategy
  • check
    Exit interview so you can stay profitable and scale your business going forward

Each week we’ll have a 1 hour phone call (via Skype). These are focused on getting you to your income goals.

You also get unlimited email access to me.

I should say one other thing.

This is the outline of the program - it is not set in stone

Everyone learns at their own pace - and as a mentor, I understand that.

So if you are struggling with a certain element of the program, we can revisit it - at no extra cost.

Nelly Melanie picture


When you want to succeed in the online business world, finding a mentor who helps you get through any challenges is the key. Kasim will bring you his expertise and will guide you all along the process because he has already been through it. Not only will you achieve success more quickly by avoiding making mistakes but also achieve goals that you could not have achieved alone. Trust him and you won't regret it.

Nelly Melanie - France

But before you commit to this - let’s ensure we are a great fit for each other

I only want to work with dedicated and motivated publishers who are seriously committed to changing their lives.

This program is not for you if…

You want to get rich quick

I only work with people who love to create value for their customers. If you’re looking for shortcuts or are actively looking to scam people and lie to them just to make a few dollars. Do not apply for this program.

You expect me to do the work for you

This is a mentorship program. Not an “I-do-all-the-work-you-get-all-the-money” program.
For me, I don’t want you to pay me for nothing - so you must be willing to put in the required work to succeed.

You have poor English proficiency

To make this as easy as possible, you should be at least a good English speaker. You don’t have to be a native, in fact, some of my best students have English as their second or third language - but we have to understand each other on the phone for this to work.

You are down to your last dollars/pounds/euros/pesos

You must be financially stable to join this program. I will not take money from you if it is already set aside for essentials like rent, food or bills.

One more thing

Because of the personalized nature of this program, and the necessity for you to go out and execute on my mentorships and teaching.

I am giving you my time and knowledge, but you will have to go and do the work.

My regular consulting fee is $3,000 per hour, and thus I consider my time irreplaceable.

As such there are absolutely NO REFUNDS for this program.

If that concerns you, or if you, in any way are still not convinced - then please do not purchase my mentorship package.
I only want to work with people who are 100% committed to this program.

Ok - so here’s the deal

As I just mentioned - my consulting fee is $2,000 per hour

And some of my other mentorship packages are upwards of $60,000.

However, I’m not going to charge you $60,000.

Far from it.

It's not  $30,000, which is the true value of the program based on my time.

Not even $20,000 for this 1 on 1 personalized mentorship package.

The 10 week program is just $10,000.

Using the link below, you will be asked to pay a $2,000 deposit to show you are serious about this.

You'll then be taken to a page where you can book a quick (10-15 minute) phone call with me to ensure we’re a great fit for each other.

After that, the sky's the limit.

So if you’re ready to transform your publishing business…

Take your income to the next level…

And change the course of your life forever…

Then click the link below and we’ll start the process right now.